A Talkshow for Life


Your chance to REthink life

In my talkshow & podcast we examine the complexity of the human experience. This is a chance for you to  – for an hour or two – look past trivia and go with what might feel as a deep longing within you. 

My questions wants under the surface to shed light on values, belief-systems, fears and the subconscious programming that tend to rule our perception.

I challenge myself to be completely honest and ask about what is truly at my heart- rather than the questions that would make a great interview. 

And that is part of my quest. Starting with myself, I challenge people to break up with normal. Break up with conformity + break up with bothering about other peoples view of you.

And why did I become obsessed with self-enquiry and personal development?

 I grew up with an equally disturbed family as I did religion. 

When I was 20, I got married, thinking it would ultimately end my inner darkness and the suicide attempts I had gotten so used to in  my teenage years. By getting married and having a family of my own, I would finally feel safe and fulfilled!

After giving birth to our second child, I started reading books on church history, and the cruality and abuse of discipleship was one of the reasons, I decided that me being part of church now was history!

It was a major shift in my life, and it cut me off from friends and family. 

One day I woke up as a single mother of three children under the age of four, I had no network, no money and no clue what to do.

I knew I had to make some hard choices to improve my situation and to not dive into the wellknown sea of depression. 

After 9 hectic months of breastfeeding my youngest baby, while trying to care for his siblings too, I gave him, my baby, to a woman who seemed to be at the right time and the right place, with the words: “You are now his mother”.

I had to give away the full responsibility, so I knew he was taken care of as her an her husbands own child. Nothing less.

Today he is fully adopted as their child, and I still have the honor of being mother to my daughter and my son.

The feelings of shame and alienation are very familiar to me. My out of the ordinary experiences made the shame flame up for sure- to the extend that I believed what it told me. “Because you are not like other people, go hide”.

If you recognize feeling different and alone, an outsider, I believe you will find much wisdom, help and guidance in the podcast.

The reason why negative feelings do not dictate my life anymore, is that I slowly started owning up to whatever I’ve gone through. Honesty and self-acceptance are key!

I would never have realized how to free myself, if I had stayed fanatic, safe in my community and kept trying to fit into ‘normal’.

That is why I am now obsessed with personal development, spirituality and self-enquiry. 

It took running back into the arms religion, getting injured in India, struggling with relationships, feeling unemployable and experiencing five years of homelessness, before I got the message:

Nothing will work, if I don’t.

So I work on me – ‘The sound of a better life’ is a reflection of that work. And my greatest desire is:

That you will receive the wisdom in these interviews and come to your own conclusions.

And that you will keep your conclusions open.

And that you will connect to who you truly are.

And that your will understand, that by changing your mindset, you change your life.

And that a better life is not about performance or living up to other peoples expectations- but one of harmony.

And that you will reflect deeply enough to see, you are not your mind.

And that you will keep growing and shining.

And that you will come to my shows.

And follow me on facebook. And instagram. And live. And read what I have to say, and say something back.

– I told you it was a great desire….


It’s your life we’re talking about

Yes, I know, the episodes are hour-long interviews and you need to find the time to listen! Well, I can only encourage you to make time.

It’s your life we are talking about.


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