#11 – Tantra Quest – Shawn Roop – The Sound Of A Better Life

The wisdom tantra offers, redefines what sex is, according to tantra teacher Shawn Roop. He talks about his journey with tantra, and how he sees that tantra merges spirituality and sexuality. He talks about no-mindedness, explains each chakra and how it relates to orgasmic pleasure. Yet with tantra you “stay sober” and don’t get lost in the highs you experience during sex, says Shawn Roop when I ask why we can experience to become addicted to sex. Listen in as he reveals what tantra is all about. Links for Shawn on facebook.com/thesoundofabetterlife

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#10 – The Unlimited Actor – Nancy Mayans – The Sound Of A Better Life

Nancy Mayans uses energy healing techniques for unlocking people’s creative potential.
She walks us through how to unblock the chakras to be able to download the energy we want. She combines her experience as an energy healer with her job as acting coach and voice teacher. She has written the book: “The unlimited actor” and says in fact these methods can be applied by anyone, who wishes to call in a specific energy, such as groundedness or courage. Listen to this interview where she reveals how to download the character of someone else – and be able to do more than you can imagine.

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#09 – Astrology Apprenticeship – Michael Lutin – The Sound Of A Better Life

Tell me again, what’s astrology about? Do you choose you OWN life, you said? Is karma an innate concept in astrology? Do you need an education in astrology in order to apply the wisdom of astrology? Because it surely seems so sometimes. That’s my entrance into a conversation with author, psychotherapist  and astrologer Michael Lutin, who says he’s never been able to escape the power of astrology. He also says, you can only follow astrology to certain point. But then what’s astrology worth anyway?

#08 – Soulhealing – Evananda – The Sound Of A Better Life

Evananda: The only limit to love is our self-imposed limits. When we break our heart, we start feeling more comfortable in our heads. This episode is about soulhealing and according to healer, Evananda, it has a lot to do with the heart. It also has to do with past lifes, kharma and incarnations of the divine. Listen in as we talk about how kharma works when we are having sex, why some people triggers us and how healing is possible

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#07 – The Mastery Of Predicting The Future – Adrian Duncan – The Sound Of A Better Life

Adrian Duncan is the man behind several astrological initiatives, having been in the planetary business for a lifetime. I ask him why astrology is not really recognized as more than an alternative worldview. I am highly subjective in this episode as I have just realized how detailed my horoscope describes me (impractical, putting partners on pedestals, a bit of a loner, filled with ideas and desillusion)!! I feel the knowledge of where the planets are located could work very well with other therapies. We also discuss love horoscopes and how it really works with predictions. Can we really predict or only really know in hindsight? This and so much more when Adrian Duncan is let loose – you have to listen to this one.
Find out about your horoscope on Adrian Duncans website – I link to it from facebook.com/lydenafetbedreliv

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#06 – New Age Philosophy/Life in the mystery – Sarah-Jane Perman – The Sound Of A Better Life

For me New Age has been the forbidden fruit for most of my life as I believed there was only one God and I was certainly not Him. Now I am trying to connect the good values religion/Christianity taught me with the spirituality, I found in yoga. Even though my guest today speaks about god being us, there occurs to me to be many similarities in new age to the viewpoints of the Pentecostal churches, but that precise comparative analysis is for another episode.
 This is a special episode with a great teacher, the sweet and knowledgeable Sarah-Jane Perman. She teaches yoga, but to me yoga seems to be just a tiny part of what she represents and passes on to especially women. It’s an ancient wisdom, occultism, a way of life, a mystic living made natural and joyful. Sarah-Jane talks to me about receiving messages, being creative beings, the frequency of love, remembering our power and why we are here on earth.
 You have to tune in to this magic interview about spirit, about daring and about how she and her husband met.
I even have her – unprepared- sing a little mantra in the end, a song for the earth, because to me the repetitive singing opens up “something”. It changes the energy in the room, even in the body.
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#05 – Anatomy Trains & The Art Of Motion – Muriel Morwitzer- The Sound Of A Better Life

Muriel Morwitzer, the leader of a Myofascial Training education, explains in this short episode how understanding anatomy is key, when working with holistic movement. Listen when I ask her about which common flaws that are made in a yoga-speak, and what exactly are the lines of the fascia. I have also heard that the fascia can change by our thinking – Muriel has a great answer to that.

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#04 – The Brilliant Brain – Dr. Fred Travis – The Sound Of A Better Life

What happens in the brain when obsession and falling in love occurs? And am I my brain or is there more to me than that? What about fear and deeply rooted conviction -what does it look like in the brain and why is it hard to break free from? Dr. Fred Travis is Professor of Maharishi Vedic Science and director of Center for Brain, Consciousness, and Cognition and when he visited Denmark last week, I had the honor of meeting him for talk about “the brilliant brain”. My brain failed me as we sat outside in too much wind, so the first part of the episode is a reconstruct through Skype, but hang in there, because we did take a journey upstairs and went ahead with the interview inside. If you are addicted to swiping on Tinder, then listen to my last question for Dr. Fred Travis after his lecture on the brain in meditation in the final part of this episode.
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– Maria Guldager

#03 – Sex And Secrets – Drew Lawson – The Sound Of A Better Life

My guest in this episode is a psychosexual somatic practitioner and a sexological bodyworker and a yoga teacher, and this interview is as rich as that title.

We talk about neo tantra/conscious sexuality, intimate connections, different kinds of meditations e.g.. Vipassana, the right therapy for when you carry traumas, stilling the mind versus buling fire, and of course a whole lot about sex and which techniques to engage in to truly be fulfilled from sex.

What Drew is talking about is so rich and if you are curious to find out more, check out how you can interact with Drew Lawson here:


Feel fabulous and free

#02 – The Secret Language Of The Body – The Sound Of A Better Life

It is the hidden negative emotion which is the cause of our disease. This is fairly accepted, but that we ourselves can actually heal our organs and by colour meditation is less so. Today’s guest is able to see blocks in a person’s body and intuitively know how to heal them.

The ability to access divine wisdom is available to all of us, she says, and I ask her what the secret is, if everything and everyone can be healed and what is actually going on during a healing. Three questions that I almost stick to. Listen in, share the episode if you like it and try out one of the techniques Inna is suggesting in the end.

Heal better